Our Scholarships & Bursaries

The Walker Wood Foundation collaborates with educational organizations across Canada to create bursaries and scholarships at all levels and across multiple disciplines.  Prospective student beneficiaries are not able to apply to us directly; rather, we invite applications from universities, colleges, and other post-secondary educational bodies.

“This award will help me achieve my goals and serves as a motivation to myself that if I really want something, I can achieve it. As a first-born child to an immigrant family, receiving financial support means that I am being recognized for who I am, and I am also being treated equally among others. I would like to convey my gratitude and appreciation to you for choosing me to receive this award. Overall, receiving this award has been a milestone for me and inspires me to dream even bigger.” - Anonymous Student Award Recipient

Our Academic Partners

The Walker Wood Foundation offers scholarships and bursaries through a wide-range of post-secondary educational institutions across Canada, including but not limited to:

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